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Chris Sevier, Tennessee Man, Suing Apple For Letting Him Access Porn

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Sevier also argues that Apple has hurt "brick and mortar or 'mom and pop' porn shops" that have suffered as a result of the ubiquity of free online pornography. According to Circa, Apple has yet to respond to the filing. Sevier's license to practice …
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How Do I Forgive My Spouse's Habit 'A Porn Addiction'?

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He is a provider, and he helps out around the house. About a year … Around that time, however, it seems as if our sex life became a little less of a priority; we had been through dry spells before, but this spell seems to have no reason. … I was …
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I watch pornography too often and I fantasise too much

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I'm single, in my 30s, and spend a much of my free time watching porn online. At work, I constantly fantasise about the … It has all the elements associated with addiction: excitement, escape and the compelling high. I am not saying you are addicted …
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