Want to Buy a House in Jacksonville , FL Florida?

Question by DJ19: Want to buy a house in Jacksonville , FL Florida?
I have seen good prices for areas like Springfield, College Park and Paxon. How are those areas? IF they are bad, can you define bad please? I used to live in a drug driven area, and lots of reports of stolen cars but it wasn’t that bad, there were no drive by’s or rapes or petty thefts. Thanks for all the info and for reading this!!

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Answer by Daisymay
for the past couple of years the springfield area has been being bought up and the houses are being restored they still have some crime in the area but not like it was say 5 years ago,Paxon is a straight up shit hole crime is bad with murders rapes and drive bys if you have childern i suggest not moving to this area and college park is the ghetto

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