What Does a Substance Abuse Evaluation Consist of for Marijuana?

Question by : What does a substance abuse evaluation consist of for marijuana?
I live in the state of Massachusetts and I am court ordered to take a substance abuse evaluation for marijuana. What does this process consist of?

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you will be asked the reason for the evaluation, as well as:

age you first used
length of time you used
amount typically used
how often you use each month / week / day:

alcohol, marijuana, other illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and OTC medications.

as well as any arrests or substance abuse treatment.

it takes about an hour and it is very detailed. based on your history they will make a recommendation to the court as to the level of monitoring / treatment they feel you need:

random urine screens
D & A counseling

and remember: they are making their recommendations based on WHAT YOU TELL THEM.

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