What Is Diversion Like?

Question by T B: What is diversion like?
I live in Fort Collins(Larimer County) Colorado and I will most likely be on diversion soon. Can i get specifics of what it is like and things like cost, curfew, how long the program lasts, classes, community service hours, how long I have to go without breaking the law etc.

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Answer by Danny
I am from New Mexico, usually diversion programs here include a wonderful little gem called “drug court”

drug court in NM once consisted of a year of INTENSIVE supervision. It included the following.

-50.00 fee per month (on top of regular probation fees)
-Court review once per month to discuss progress, give incentives and sanctions
(at least 1 person in the program was arrested every single month in court. Offenses ranged from missing drug tests, failing drug tests, leaving the county, being out past curfew, or just having a “bad” attitude)
-Court ordered corrective classes
(including anger management, substance abuse, after care, etc. basically group counseling. During groups we had to complete workbooks which had a 12 step program to recovery)
-Court ordered AA meetings. 3 per week for the first month. 2 per week for the next 6 months, and 3 per week for the last 3 months.
-Mandatory random drug screening. Every day you had to call a number, if your program “color” was called, you had to report for a drug test.
-Frequent home visitation. at least once per week for the first 3 months, and at least 3 times a month for the remainder of the program. Drug tested every time that they show up at a home.
-Mandatory community service.
-Curfew: started at 9pm for the first 6 months, 10 pm for next 3 months, 11pm for last 3 months.

That is the gist of it. Tons of fun. If you are to go into such a program, take my advice:

1. Stop hanging out with ANYONE who is doing any kind of illicit activities. Period. If you hang around them long enough, you are gonna be right back into trouble, and your little diversion program is gonna turn into a behind bars program.

2. Do not break ANY laws. At all. I am talking speeding, failing to use a turn signal, jaywalking, oh, and the obvious ones of drinking and driving and for gods sakes do NOT do drugs. You will be tested. You will get caught. It ain’t worth it.

3. Find clean, sober friends and pick up new hobbies. Use your time to improve yourself. Do not get hung up on the idea of what you are “missing out on”. If you decide to partake in the activities you are prohibited from doing, you are looking for trouble, and probation officers LOVE to bust trouble makers.

4. If at all possible, make sure you are 100% clean on the day your program starts. No “last hurrah’s”. if you test dirty on your first screening, its gonna set the precedent for extra treatment, extra drug tests, and they are gonna watch you like a hawk for your entire term.

5. Finally, its not the end of the world. You got a second chance. It might seem like its unfair at times, but think about the alternative. Jail is not a fun place. Play it cool, and when its all said and done you are gonna be a better person, and all those parties, drugs, and bars you wanted to partake in are still gonna be going on. Keep your head up, and stay out of trouble.

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