What Is Drug Rehab Like?

Question by pond: What is Drug Rehab like?
My Mom just entered an inpatient rehab program today and I am just curious about what it is like. She has been addicted to cocaine for the past 8 months.

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Answer by Benzino
residential drug treatment facilities are all diferent but there are 2 main models of treatment out there there is the 12 step based model where the program runs around an alcoholics anonymous style of the 12 steps and patients are encouraged to surrender to their addiction, find a higher power, make ammends to whom they have harmed, goto aa meeting for the rest of their lives, and there is a counselling and informational type model where patients are encouraged to talk to eachother about their problems, find out why they are using drugs, what they can do to stop and find out who they are inside but mainly its A LOT OF GROUP TALKING i feel statements, and learning to live a drug free life when they get out looking at things like triggers of use, relapse prevention p[lanning, and peer support

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  • portugaljoao7 says:

    i love your videos Kai , keep posting ?

  • peter munthali says:

    Thank you very much but need more exercises ?

  • Xavier Bennett says:

    geeez sexy <3?

  • Darla Daigneault says:

    As specialist, I think Backprolax Secrets is actually great way to cures
    your back pain safely. Why not give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you

  • Marv Douglas says:

    So far the 1st two videos I’ve just watched have excellent context and
    rewards, guess I’ll be subscribing in another second or two. Also, young
    lady you’re not hard to look at either ;- D, WOW !!!?

  • Lachlan Antoinette says:

    Is there supposed to be soreness the next day??

  • MrApplewine says:

    Kie, what do you think about dry needling instead of pressure? Physical
    therapists seem to think needles work better than pressure. I have asked
    them to do pressure and they scoff at the idea.?

  • NeckNoddinOnDaBeat says:

    dayum you’re beautiful!!!?

  • preston thomas says:

    Tender?? This shit hurts!?

  • Underwaterer says:

    +hotbabybrina Yes! If you’re having SI joint pain it’s most likely caused
    by tightness in your glutes. It’s that achy pain right above your hip on
    the side. Roll around on that lacrosse ball and “release” all the sensitive
    areas. Sometimes the muscles are stubborn and you’ll have to do multiple
    sessions, but do not give up. ?

  • aaron sharif says:

    so hot?

  • M Murray says:

    Kai – I don’t know if you will respond. But could you post a video of a
    myofascial release technique on the gluteus medius from a standing
    position? I cannot get down onto the floor very easily. I was thinking of
    trying this technique by leaning against the wall and would like to know
    what you think.?

  • Romeo Rante says:

    Damn you have nice glutes?

  • FalcorEf93 says:

    This is exactly what I need to do. I work for FedEx and constantly picking
    up boxes with various weights from below the waist can really put a lot of
    pressure on the Gluteus Medius. Going to start doing this every morning and
    night before I go to work and hope it starts to feel better.?

  • MrApplewine says:

    I’ve been having hip, lower back pain and pain down the leg always on the
    right side only. This is exactly what I’ve been doing at home with a
    lacrosse ball. You can also do other spots around the medius and minimus.
    I’m not better yet, but I just got the lacross ball. I think you need to do
    it a lot. I also have a problem with the upper body affecting the upper
    back, shoulders, neck, temples and jaw. I’m trying to figure that out too
    with the trapezius and related muscles. I’ve had vision, hearing and
    balance disturbances as a result of trigger points up there; numbness of
    the face and constant pain the temples behind the eye. It started when I
    was doing very intense weight lifting in 2006 with tension at the base of
    the skull. I also got orthodontics around that time, but hopefully it
    wasn’t that. Sometimes when I chew the base of the skull hurts too. My
    temples have a constant pain and I get numbness of the face. These trigger
    point things are very complicated and medical professionals are normally no
    help in diagnosing or treatment. They are clueless of these symptoms.?

  • Underwaterer says:

    I told my dad about this and he has applied it and solved his pain issue!
    It’s so sad that no one knows how to fix their pains. Spread the knowledge
    about myofascial release! ?

  • Coy Miller says:

    It really does relieve pain. The doctor told me I had SI joint problems but
    I know a lot the muscles in my back were really tight. Usually when I bend
    forward and try to stretch my lower back theirs a big pull above the butt.
    After I did this the pull was almost all the way gone! Thanks

  • C C says:

    Holy shiznit. It works!!! I messed up my lower back when I was doing
    barbell squats..I guess I bent differently than I usually do – blaming it
    on my sprained ankle. But anyway, I was in pain especially when i sit down
    and I have been going through youtube for help. I tried several videos but
    none worked. Then I tried yours and whoa! IT WORKED AFTER DOING 10 MINUTES
    ON THE LEFT AND 10 MINUTES ON THE RIGHT!! I need to remember this the next
    time I mess up my back. Thanks again!!

  • ayubisobhan says:

    your like a girl version of elliot hulse

  • Kai Wheeler says:

    You can @Julie but its not enough pressure and its not as precise!

  • serajAlsharq says:

    thank you kai for the great information, I would like to know whether
    tennis ball can do the work?

  • Sparks Videolink says:

    Your videos are not only informational and practical, but your presentation
    techniques are good

  • jersey texas says:

    Great stuff Kai. Thank you!

  • hotbabybrina says:

    Great video. Im a cross country runner and i get this bad pain after i run.
    It hurts on my right side hip above my butt. It also hurts a lot when i sit
    down for a long period of time. Is it bad to have these pains as a cross
    country runner?

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