What Kind of Drug Test Does Publix Use in Florida?

Question by The Destroying: What kind of drug test does publix use in Florida?
First off ima tell all ya’ll lame a$ $ ‘s who say dont do drugs to fck off n dnt bother typin cuz i dnt giv a fck ima smoke till i die no changing tht. anyway for yu more understanding ppl with experience of smoking or just working at publix here in Florida, do you know what kind of drug test they use?
Like is it a swab in the mouth or a urine test.
I smoked Sunday about 2 days ago n i have to get tested tomorrow around 3:30.
Will i pass?

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Answer by Biner
They do a mouth swab and get the result’s back the next day.

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Rachel Maddow disproves Rick Scott’s LIES about drug use & welfare recipients – Rachel Maddow takes on Florida Governor Rick Scott’s controversial drug testing program for welfare recipients


From Twitter:

RT @iWatch: Allegations of sexual abuse, bribery w/ food & drug use by employees plague Florida juvenile detention facility http://t.co/tiFyY8Vw – by pbtrue1 (PB True)


From Twitter:

Allegations of sexual abuse, bribery w/ food & drug use by employees plague Florida juvenile detention facility http://t.co/tiFyY8Vw – by iWatch (iWatch News)


From Twitter:

Florida mother asked to be granted “compassionate use” of a new drug http://t.co/FjmEwAYt via @DailyRepublic1 #pharma – by PharmaME (Pharma- Marcus Evans)


25 Responses to What Kind of Drug Test Does Publix Use in Florida?

  • DragonFly122 says:

    I’m against drug testing? for? welfare recipients because 1. taxpayers end up spending MORE? money on these tests than they save 2. Most welfare recipients don’t use drugs 3.it failed to curb the number of prospective applicants

  • insurancegame says:

    Rick Scott needs to mind his own business and stop supporting the criminal insurance industry, I guess they’re okay with him if they lie and say they buy drugs with all the money? they take from people and then deny their claims

  • SteveNathen says:

    i dont? want my tax money to go to drugs. period…and its way more than 8%..or do i just know those 8% that do drugs. that number is wrong and anyone that believes that only 8% do drugs are living in a dream world. only 2% fail drug tests….if it was by urine, than all you have to do is bring people someone elses urine. if they took a hair sample, how high would te number be? it would be higher. however, I do believe that anyone getting govt. money should be able to be tested.

  • bushidobrother06 says:

    poor people don’t use as many drugs as other cos drugs cost MONEY they don’t have any=POOR? dumbass

  • tragicmia305 says:

    I was born in the? US.. lol

  • booblover779 says:

    Go back to your own corrupt, crap country. You immigrants come over and try to destroy America with the same liberal? views that ruined your country. Keep getting angry though, I love it, show me that fake machismo, hahaaa.

  • tragicmia305 says:

    @booblover779 LOL @ You! Yeah CANT YOU SEE IM GETTING ANGRY BY ME USING ALL CAPS! IM YELLING! Seriously though, you had no? rebuttal for what I said so you retract and start throwing out irrelevant statements.. I just love how people like you call educated people like Rachel Maddow idiots. Its shows everyone where your head is at.. Keep swallowing your misinformation from Fox News.

  • booblover779 says:

    I am really enjoying the fact that you are getting so mad, please continue, I love it. I bet your face is turning red and your blood pressure is going up, hahaaaa. Nothing better? than watching a liberal throw a temper tantrum like a child. Thanks for making my day! I really appreciate it!

  • tragicmia305 says:

    83% of South Florida does not reflect the entire population moron! In a state that has a population of over 18 million, 8.3% comes out to about 1.4 million. South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward & Miami Dade County) only make up 29.4% of the states population, idiot.? Maybe you don’t believe the percentage because you don’t understand math too well? Is it a requirement for all conservatives to be dumb?

  • tragicmia305 says:

    I guess you missed the point as well or you just did not watch the video. Its stated in this video that a study showed that about 2% of the people tested failed the drug test.. 2%.. Does that figure make Rick Scott’s plan effective? No, not at all. So I guess you and the rest of the “CONservatives” are? the ones who miss the point.

  • davidls11 says:

    Lowest? approval rating ever.

  • witkow22 says:

    Maddow and the rest of the liberals miss the point. I use drugs, rich people use drugs, poor people do drugs, lots of people do drugs. But the difference between my self and people on welfare using drugs is that I PAY FOR MY DRUGS. Welfare people dont. Simple as that. Dont use tax payer money? to buy drugs, use your own

  • Marakulous43 says:

    Especially in DOWNTOWN!!!!?

  • qw2589 says:

    Especially? when he invites his girlfriend Michelle Moore

  • booblover779 says:

    Anyone that honestly thinks that only 8.3% of Floridians use illegal drugs is a moron.
    Spend a weekend in south Florida and you’ll see about 83% of the people doing illegal drugs……..Rachel Maddow is SUCH A FUCKIN? IDIOT.

  • jfsfrnd says:

    All this is? doing is stimatizing the poor.

  • IP0Monsturd says:

    Ralph Maddow,? the most trusted man on cable news.

  • mert828 says:

    Wait, are these new applicants or people who are already on welfare. It seems to me that if I knew I wouldn’t pass, I’d wait until I would. So if it’s new applicants only, how do you know it’s just that people who are applying know they will pass? or they wouldn’t bother to pay for the test. I disagree with this law, but I think the numbers are skewed.

  • Blade92776 says:

    @MrJohnnyrace Dumb independents and Republicans hold a majority in Florida. Remember, Florida is a state with many embarrassing? moments in it’s political history. I know, I live here.

  • InvestigatorDave says:

    You didn’t answer? the questions.

  • Foshi says:

    If the wealthy are spending their money so wisely, why has job creation been falling for the last 40 years as their fortunes have risen. We now live in a country in which the bottom 40 percent (120 million people) owns just 0.3 percent of the wealth. Over one million children in the US are homeless. We have one of the lowest tax rates on corporate income in the world. I? think taxing the top 1% of the richest in the country higher will go to significantly helping this country.

  • InvestigatorDave says:

    Actually, the point is that this video clip is about FL testing welfare recipients for drug use. You, however, have gone all over the place with this.

    Re: “Many? people who are unemployed are poor.” Not disputing that. So what’s your point? Are all unemployed on welfare? Nope.

    How are the poor “suffering at the hands of the gov’t”?
    The “rich” already pay higher taxes than anyone. How much higher do you want them to be? And why?

  • Foshi says:

    Yes, this is fun. Anyway the point remains that many people who are unemployed are poor. Why should the poor have to suffer at the hands of government while the rich get away with tanking the economy and not having? to pay higher taxes?

  • InvestigatorDave says:

    First of all the focus? of the program Maddow decries is welfare recipients. Not just unemployed people, but welfare recipients. Over my lifetime, I have been unemployed at times; I have never, however been on welfare. Right now, thanks to some dandy economic policies, the country has over 9% unemployment. Not all are getting welfare.
    Examples of unemployed who is not poor: wealthy retiree, and heir or heiress with no job. When happen? Since beginning of time.
    More questions?

  • Foshi says:

    So, people who don’t have a job are not poor? When did? this happen?

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