What Should We Do as Teenager to Face the Modern Life?

Question by dwi: What should we do as teenager to face the modern life?
i mean nowadays so many problem facing the modern people, especially teenagers. free social intercourse makes juvenile delin quence, drug abuse, even commit adulture among teenagers. so what should parents do to overcome these?

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Aviano alcohol and drug abuse counselor helps teens and adults – Senior Airman Melissa Hay reports on an Aviano alcohol and drug abuse counselor who helps teens and adults through difficult times.


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6 Responses to What Should We Do as Teenager to Face the Modern Life?

  • Herbert Kaiser Involuntary Abstinence says:

    Listen to propaganda

  • Ryan says:

    play halo.

  • Howard L says:

    Get an education and live by the golden rule and the 10 commandments Society might have become more tolerant of bad behavior but there’s nothing saying you have to indulge in it.

  • Todd says:

    Those issues are not new by any means. If it is severe, sometimes seeing a counselor can help (which would be like seeing a village elder long ago). But, to connect it solely to “modern times” is silly. People (teens especially) really haven’t changed much over the last several millenia.

    What freaks people out is that teens seem more susceptible to societal influence due to media exposure, but that that’s almost always been the case, whether caged (internal media) or openly exposed to it (external media). There’s not much difference no matter how much a culture will try to control teen behavior.

  • Julia says:

    Education ALWAYS helps, learn how to spell and remember good grammar

  • All hat says:

    Are you asking what teenagers should do or what parents should do?

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