What Should You Do for Someone Who Tries Suicide Alone?

Question by HelpOneAnother: What should you do for someone who tries suicide alone?
I asked earlier about my husband. Now he came over and told me he took a lot of pills 4 nights ago to commit suicide, but just got sick. I just feel empty, but didn’t ask him to stay. I told him if he went to rehab I would go to counseling with him afterward, but promise nothing else. Help!

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Answer by pamela_d_99
He wants your attention and by threatening, he knows that you’ll be symphatic. In Texas you can have a mental illness warrent issued if he is in danger of hurting himself. They will lock in up for a few days in the mental ward and find out what’s really going on.

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  • starkitty75 says:

    I think if someone is a threat to themselves you can hospitalize them against their will. Can you call his dr to ask for assistance?

    Also, he is telling you for a reason. He wants help!

  • princess4ualways says:

    tell them there being really stupid they dont know what there going to miss. And your love ones would break down more than anything

  • p.xx says:

    if someone really wants to end thier own life they will find a way to do so……its a sad fact of life. ….

  • redtinydawg says:

    He is playing you, if he does kill himself you are not responsible

  • smknjoe says:

    Find out why he is so unhappy, dig down and find out what demon is pushing his buttons. Sometimes people are running from life, everyone knows dying is easy, it’s life that is hard. Find what your guy is running from and help him to confront it. If you can’t help then get away and save yourself.

  • steppenwolfe_2000 says:

    If you think this is more then him pulling at your heart strings, but that he may be serious about taking his life, then you should intervene. In many places it is illegal to attempt suicide, and the state can place you in a hospital for evaluation. Contact his family, friends, whoever you think can help, and if possible, confront him as a group. Let him know that he has support, that there are people in his life that care, and are willing to help.

  • jerry h says:

    he wants you to feel sorry for him he wants you to feel guilty too so he is still playing the controlling game dont bite.

  • Jennifer F says:

    When I left my ex husband he showed me where he had “attempted” to slit his own wrists.. if he’d really wanted to do it it would have been done.. sometimes people use suicide as a ploy to get back with someone they’ve lost..
    I called the cops on my ex when he showed me. They went and got him and made him go in for a pshychological evaluation. That way I knew if he WAS by any chance serious he’d get help and if he WASN’T I’d be getting the point accross that it was not going to get me back.
    Good Luck and don’t fall for it.

  • kathy says:

    It sounds like he may be playing you.

    If he talks about killing himself, at the time he says it, call 911 and get him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.
    No sense in taking chances.

  • sheilajones3265@sbcglobal.net says:

    It is a cry out for help but in no way should you enable him. If he really wants to end his life, he will, but call a police officer and see if they can help you get him to a mental service

  • kimberli says:

    Try to get him into group therapy.He will see he’s not alone,and it might help.However,don’t pressure him to stay in it if it doesn’t help.Also,he needs to see a doctor about antidepressents.Wellbutrin is the best one I know of.I’ve taken it off and on to help me quit smoking.It’s the only one I can take for any amount of time.Just make sure that you both understand medication is almost always temporary.After being on it for a while,you either need to up the dose or it starts making you sick.And talk.Well,ask him to talk while you listen,without judgement.Sometimes it’s chemical,sometimes life is just too hard.Sometimes it’s both.Outside of that,you can’t really do anything.Depression is a very solitary disease.

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