What’s the Percentage of Correctional Officers That Use Illegal Drugs?

Question by Vanessa L: What’s the percentage of Correctional Officers that use illegal drugs?

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Answer by schr91
There really is no answer to your question. Those that use drugs as a correctional officer would no longer have a job. Thus not making them a correctional officer. If someone collected data on such a statistic the Department of Corrections would want to know and fire anyone associated with the use of drugs and their jobs. I would hope most C.O.s that want to keep their job would be smart to not use. How could you justify you are any better than the drug runners and users you lock up.

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  • Nightrider says:

    Hello Vanessa. I live and work in the Ohio system. We have a clause in our employment contract that allows the state to randomly test any staff member at any time for drug use. In the last 21 years of employment, I have personally been tested well over 60 times ( I also drive transportation to other prisons and BMV/CDL rules dictate bi-annual testing in addition to the contractual random testing).

    If any member of staff fails their test, they pay for their own rehab counseling and monthly testing for one full year. If that person fails a second test at any time during the rest of their career, they are terminated.

    I have personally only known three officers terminated for illegal drug use in the last 21 years.

    I hope this helps and you can find it useful

  • Roberts Anderson says:

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