Why Do Ppl Assume Those Who Need Welfare Help Are on Drugs?

Question by BRUCE: Why do ppl assume those who need Welfare help are on Drugs?
Under a new Florida law, people applying for welfare have to take a drug test at their own expense. If they pass, they are eligible for benefits and the state reimburses them for the test. If they fail, they are denied welfare for a year, until they take another test.

Several studies, including a 1996 report from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, have found that there is no significant difference in the rate of illegal-drug use by welfare applicants and other people. Another study found that 70% of illegal-drug users between the age of 18 and 49 are employed full time.

A Florida television station, WFTV, reported that of the first 40 applicants tested, only two came up positive, and one of those was appealing. The state stands to save less than $ 240 a month if it denies benefits to the two applicants, but it had to pay $ 1,140 to the applicants who tested negative.

But why do they assume those who need welfare are on drugs???

Should we also test those who need Federal Disaster Aid for Drug testing too since they our using “Your” money too?

How about drug testing for state job-training programs, unemployment benefits, Businessmen who get state contracts, farmers who receive crop subsidies and retired state workers who receive pensions as well????

And it doesn’t even SAVE money….

No one is Answering all of my questions

Best answer:

Answer by Lawgirl
Because they’re retarded. They have been brainwashed to think welfare is evil.

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8 Responses to Why Do Ppl Assume Those Who Need Welfare Help Are on Drugs?

  • Jim says:

    Because it is easier than thinking.

  • Peace through blinding force says:

    Why do you assume that’s the point?

  • Exitwound says:

    Who said the are. I have to take a drug test to work. They should have to take a drug test if the want welfare benefits. If there clean then they have nothing to worry about.

  • The Axe Of Jon says:

    Because dumb people blur the lines between stereotypes and reality.

  • The Gladiator says:

    If welfare recipients have to be drug tested, then I want to see Wall Street bankers take drug tests. I hear cocaine use is pretty rampant among them.

  • Bob says:

    if i have to take a drug test to work and support myself, then they definately should have to take one to not and and have my tax dollar support them. the program sounds fair enough to me.

  • So easy, a democrat could do it! says:

    So Florida’s situation, where a small sampling of their population has been tested so far, dictates what happens in the rest of the country?

    MMMMMM, mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm…..

  • dm_felionous says:

    It’s a well known conservative fact that anyone who collects any money form the state or federal government is a criminal and/or drug user. This is a conservative fact. 100% of people who collect money (particularly unemployment checks or welfare) from state or federal government and are not employed are criminals of some kind.

    It is also a fact that businessmen do not commit crimes. White businessmen who make over 100k per year are incapable of committing a crime. That’s a fact.

    Farmers and retired state workers should probably be tested. Farmers are just regular people no better or worse than anyone else and a pension is really the same as welfare so most pensioners are probably criminals.
    This isn’t about saving money it is about denying benefits. We are perfectly willing to spend twice or three times as much to keep these benefits away form evildoers. Eventually when the evil entitlement system collapses than there will be savings because it is also a fact that 100% of our nations debts and fiscal problems are solely caused by welfare spending which is in the hundreds of trillions and growing exponentially so long as democrats remain alive.

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