Why Is Florida Starting Drug Testing for Welfare Recipents to Get Benefits and Not Other States?

Question by : Why is Florida starting drug testing for welfare recipents to get benefits and not other States?
Starting July 1, the State of Florida is having a no tolerance for Welfare abuse because of the misuse of funds by drugs abusers. I had an earlier post of why California does not drug test welfare recipents and received a few negative responses. Well, there are statistics and that’s why Florida put this new law into effect. I’m not just talking out thin air. Florida will have those applying for welfare benefits, pay for the drug test out of the benefit money they are applying for. Some welfare recipients (depending on # in household), can receive $ 500 dollars and more a month in food stamps and $ 300 and more in pocket money!! Statistics have been checked.

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Answer by Cliff
Because each state makes its own laws.

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6 Responses to Why Is Florida Starting Drug Testing for Welfare Recipents to Get Benefits and Not Other States?

  • livin life says:

    its too bad not all states do this..the government could save millions and millions…Most people I know who get food stamps and welfare are drug addicts.

  • uyuigkuguk says:

    Isn’t the welfare system pathetic? I think drug tests are just the beginning of necessary steps the government NEEDS to take to reform such a flawed system.

  • Chewy Ivan 2 says:

    Because Florida likes to p*ss on the Fourth Amendment.

  • Dr. Knowitall says:

    Florida is the smartest one. The others will follow. If you want to do drugs Get a job.

  • WRG says:

    Because Florida was the first with the guts to pass the law. If it isn’t struck down in the courts you can expect the many other states to follow.

  • R M Poe says:

    In my opinion this is a bad law. It will do little to fix the problem and resolve the issue. Any who care for a great read on the subject should check out http://tinyurl.com/5r8mn7z

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