Why Is It That the More I Learn About Pets (Dogs, Cats, Etc), the More I Love Humans.?

Question by : Why is it that the more I learn about pets (dogs, cats, etc), the more I love humans.?
I’m trying to understand my psychology. I used to have a dog and all he caused was grief. I had to buy him food. I had to take him out to poo. Many times he would poo in the house. It seems like the dog created more stress in my life. A few times he even jumped into my bed and I had to wash the sheets. During the 3 years I had this dog, I had to wash my hands several times a day because the dog would like me. One time, I had to spend $ 200 on the vet to remove a cyst from his body. I don’t know were people come to the conclusion that pets make them happy.

So my question remains the same…

Why is it that the more I learn about pets (dogs, cats, etc), the more I love humans.

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Answer by Angelica
For me its the opposite

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