Will Ohio Police Come to Florida to Get Me for Misdemeanor Charge?

Question by : Will ohio police come to Florida to get me for misdemeanor charge?
I had a misdemeanor charge of drug abuse and never received summons after I forwarded mail so I called and court operator said they’ll put out a warrant for arrest and they might extradite and not allowed to make arrangement to pay part of it

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Answer by gary
no they wont. states can only extradite on felony charges

i dont know why i was given the thumbs down….
i am a police officer for 9 years. we cannot go to another state for a misdemeanor. we only have arrest powers in the state of new york.
if someone is caught with a felony warrant in another state, that state holds them as a fugitive from justice, we then have to go to the governor of that state an petition him to allow us the arrest powers to extradite that person……
it gets worse for misdemeanor charges……we can only extradite within our state on a misdemeanor charge if it is an ajoining county……. and a violation charge can only be extradited if it is within our county.

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