Would Prop 19 for Legalizing Marijuana Have a Better Chance of Passing in Oregon or Washington State?

Question by Alkohollokaust: Would prop 19 for legalizing marijuana have a better chance of passing in Oregon or Washington state?
those states are far more liberal than California? Oregon is so liberal that they legalized assisted suicide where every other state Christians shove their religious crap down everyones throat. Washington has Seattle and has the Hemp Hest where they let pot smoking hippies smoke that crap even though its still illegal there but tolerated to some degree.

Would Marijuana more likely be legalized in those states than California? Or not?

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Answer by Skyler
I don’t know man, i’m to stoned to think straight.

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9 Responses to Would Prop 19 for Legalizing Marijuana Have a Better Chance of Passing in Oregon or Washington State?

  • mamadixie says:

    IDK I thought it had a good chance in California.

  • Kurtis says:

    That prop can’t pass. Period.
    No matter what state attempts it, it won’t pass. It goes against the federal government… And the federal government is more powerful than any state government.

  • Lamont says:

    I think it would since here is less people and it is still a liberal state

  • wolfette says:

    it is against federal law your state can be sued,ask Arizona they are being sued for upholding federal law..

  • Matt says:

    I live in Oregon and in this most recent election there was a proposition to have less strict rules for medical marijuana and that didn’t pass so i would doubt that legalizing marijuana would in Oregon. And considering Washington is almost the exact same i doubt it would there either. There are too many people in the country that think marijuana is more harmful than it actually is.

  • Right or Wrong says:

    They should try DC.

  • wj says:

    Big reason it did not pass was their was no personal responsibility in the law. Impaired driving was not clearly define and penalties for selling or giving pot to minors was also not included. In short it said that you could get high whenever you want to. For pot to be legalized those who are supporting it must come to grips with the reality that it is a mind altering drug. Those who support pot as non addictive need to recognize that a lot of people are being treated for addiction to pot. So a honest legalization law will need to have the penalties for abuse, illegal distribution and the taxes placed on sales and growing to cover the cost of the problems that will arise. Also the pot today is far more potent than the pot in the 60’s and 70’s.

  • smile says:

    Well, I am hoping that some of what caused 19 to fail is how freakin poorly written it was, not because they didnt want to legalize marijuana.

    It almost feels like a publicity stunt. Vote on legalizing marijuana, but make the bill so undesirable that it has no chance of passing, even if the whole state were for marijuana.

  • Trekd says:

    Marijuana are grown in those two states as well as california. All it takes is one state to make it legal and when the other states sees that nothing bad happens and money rolls into the government from the sales, they will quickly follow.

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