A Career Helping Others Overcoming Addiction Anti-Drug Video


A Career Helping Others Overcoming Addiction Anti-Drug Video – A Career Helping Others Overcoming Addiction Anti-Drug Video; public domain video, public service announcement PSA. NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Pro…


Complete Online Curriculum for New Jersey Drug Addiction Certification Now

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According to a recent report, the number of job openings for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors in the state of New Jersey will increase 27% through 2020. … Services include: the Jason Surks Memorial Prevention Resource Center …
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Recovering from addiction

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Those social and behavioral aspects, previously overlooked in evaluating drug addictions, make up half of Shukla's four-approach model to attempt to tackle the problem of . “We tried to make a concrete plan that might address all the …
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Former meth addict getting kids to stay off drugs

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She's been “educating children about the drug of meth, because one-time use is where it starts.” With the meth problem only growing, in the last two years she's raised $ 50,000 to help those addicted here in West Michigan. Next Saturday, Dailey and …
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11 Responses to A Career Helping Others Overcoming Addiction Anti-Drug Video

  • mdcombs79 says:

    I found the CURE for addiction and I have proof for this? claim. Click on my name and witness Powerful Stories of Freedom. I personally know and have witnessed over 100? addicts who have found True and Lasting FREEDOM after being enslaved by their? addictions for so long. I have been through many programs for? my addiction, but have never found so? much Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love than I have in the program I am in now. And the people I know who have given their stories are experiencing the same!

  • DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot)? com/nb812

  • rosaryfilms says:

    – you? are welcome!

  • rosaryfilms says:

    – you are welcome!?

  • RUInternational says:

    There is hope for the Hopeless that are struggling with addiction. Reformers Unanimous is a faith-based? addictions program. We maintain an 82% percent success rate! Check us out @Ruinternational.

  • Need2BSmaller says:

    WOW ChoofMonster for a teachers aid you are very uneducated when it comes to addiction. Absolutly millions upon millions of people have been able to gain control of their lives through the 12 step programs that are out there.

    Addiction Education? today is much more then applying the 12 step programs. I don’t know where you studied these supposed classes but I can tell you as a current student at Mc Master University’s school for addiction care that you don’t have a clue.

  • sans15 says:

    I have helped those that had been addicted, some have passed on.? What was gained was a beer bottle towards my head and many death threats… I have learned that most addicts do not realize even what addiction is, and label it as a treatable disease?

  • ChoofMonster says:

    It’s just one of those things that I rally against – cults posing as cures. They go against the medical model of treatment, and even proven psychological? methods of abstention or harm reduction (CBT/RET).

    Friends have asked me to attend such meetings with them in attempts to proselytize me into AA or GA (I never had a drinking problem, and I stopped gambling ages ago).

  • ChoofMonster says:

    Yeah, sales of Coca Cola skyrocketed when they replaced the old, mild stimulant (cocaine), with more potent and addictive drugs (caffeine and glucose).

    Addiction has a far narrower medical definition than it does either socially or legally. What passes for ‘addiction’ (eg to? gambling or marijuana) are too often compulsions, not addictions.

    I reiterate: Addiction is NOT a disease; it is treatable physical illness of short duration.

  • HikaruYamamoto says:

    Addicted to what? Addiction can be such a broad term. They don’t mention what kind of addiction. You know i’m addicted to a drug? called caffeine. Its in my coffee and my soda. Does that mean i need help? I’m also addicted to sugar, i just can’t quit. 🙁 Where can i find the help i need! Call a doctor!

  • ChoofMonster says:

    Also, as they mention, the pay is poor – about the same as I get for being a teacher’s aide; the reward is more the knowledge that I have helped these children learn new concepts than the salary itself.

    Drug addicts tend to know? what they are doing, even if they can’t stop; rehab is often an excuse for them to keep using. Doctors are currently their best option for treatment.

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