Alcohol and Drug Abuse Question? 10 Points!!?

Question by samii: Alcohol and Drug abuse question? 10 points!!?
Do you think that the government should legalize all drugs?
and what can we do to help prevent future alcoholics and drug users from abusing substances? Why do you feel people feel the need to drink alcohol excessively?

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Answer by Chevelle
I do not think ALL drugs.
Only Marijuana.
because it is a fact that Marijuana is less harmful and less addictive than tobacco and alcohol.

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12 Responses to Alcohol and Drug Abuse Question? 10 Points!!?

  • Jamie James Jonathan Lynch says:

    No, do you want to live in a country of insanity and bad reputation? You’d probably be murdered with-in a week if all drugs were legalized. Look at alcohol, it’s legal but it ruins other life’s as well as yours. This stuff makes you crazy.

    The mental institute would be a hotel with most the population in it.

    We need to manipulate the drug-abusers on how pathetic they’re/going to be. They should be told their corrupt and doing the act of evil.

    And, yes, people don’t need to drink alcohol. If they say they do, they’re stupid.

  • Missy says:

    I do not believe the government should legalize any more street drugs. The major street drugs now (heroin, crack, cocaine, marijuana etc) effect the ability to respond to situations responsibly. Alcohol does this also. Many believe Alcoholism is inherited, but I believe it is environmental. If you grow up around drugs and alcohol you are more likely to drink and do drugs. Preventing alcoholism requires active parenting. Many parents try to be their child’s best friend, and let them drink etc. In fact they need be strict and not allow their children to drink until they are legal age. I believe if we did legalize street drugs there would be more deaths caused by them. We already have a high percentage of deaths in a motor vehicle accident caused by the driver being impaired. There are some people who stay off the streets when they are using drug for fear of being arrested, this keeps the rest of the community a little safer, because they are not driving high. Many excessive Drinkers are experiencing problems (family or relationships) and are not happy. As an alternative we could offer lower price/free counseling and make it easier accessible.

  • ariel says:

    the more addictive a substace is the less legal it should be.

    crack, alcohol, and other highly addictive substances should be less legal than something that you can use for a year and give up cold turkey without having to worry about dieing from the withdrawal symptoms

  • Gunpoorchannel says:

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  • ALLThingsEastCoast says:

    Thanks. And yes this is the “healthy drug abuse”. Thanks for watching!

  • ALLThingsEastCoast says:

    yeah they can be scary accurate. Thanks for watching

  • ALLThingsEastCoast says:

    I cant take credit for the concept… Thanks for watching!

  • Darrin Thornburg says:

    Lol funny concept and nice vid

  • eat4peace says:

    No worries, I subbed, I like your videos a lot. I had the same problem with
    my scope and the eye relief and I got a reach forward mount and it worked
    well. Looks a lot nicer too 😉 Keep the vids coming.

  • S. Nunya says:

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  • masonracing83 says:

    Watching this for a 2nd time. Showing a friend, you are a good shot!

  • eat4peace says:

    You’ve really got to get yourself some ‘reach’ scope mounts, also known as
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