Ex Failed Both Court Evaluations but Never Went to Rehab or Batterers Intervention Program, Wants UNSUPERVISED?

Question by Lynette: Ex failed both court evaluations but never went to rehab or batterers intervention program, wants UNSUPERVISED?
Firstly, we’re in Washington state.
Secondly, I am the SOLE custodial parent-legal & physical.

Ex was ordered SUPERVISED visitation with children and to take a drug & alcohol evaluation, as well as a domestic violence evaluation and to “comply with all suggestions”-that is the order, it was written Sept. 2012.

Ex waits until a year later Sept and Oct 2013 to take evals, he fails BOTH, is referred to “58 week Batterers Intervention Programs” and “Intensive Out Patient” treatment, with random U.A.

Ex serves me with papers asking for UNsupervised visits now.

What are the LOOP holes, IF ANY, that would cause the SAME judge to change their mind and give UNsupervised visitation without him “complying with” the evaluators “suggestions”?

He’s an absolute sociopath (HAS EVERY DSM CRITERIA LISTED) and I am SCARED, with NO MONEY for a lawyer.

Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by chaddad67
How does he have money for a lawyer? There would be no reason for the judge to reverse a decision. You think you don’t have money for a lawyer, if you are poor they have legal services

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4 Responses to Ex Failed Both Court Evaluations but Never Went to Rehab or Batterers Intervention Program, Wants UNSUPERVISED?

  • Kate says:

    If he’s got a good lawyer, they could look for loop holes based on tiny things that none of us on here can pick out. If he’s that bad, you need to get a lawyer. Talk to legal aid or speak to a lawyer locally and see if you can be put on a payment plan. He’s a sociopath who wants access to your children unsupervised. Find away to get good help.

  • Yup says:

    I am going to start flagging these.

  • ranger_co_1_75 says:

    You have asked a variation of this question 5 times in the last 3 hours. What is you want us to say? You obviously are not wanting honest answers, but someone to validate your opinion.
    I agree with you. You are validated.
    Now stop posting this over and over and over.

  • Corey says:

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can’t happen to you. Before it happened to me, I would have never thought it was possible. Although my wife and I were approaching age 50, neither of us had any experience with courts, lawyers or investigators of any kind. We had each received a couple of traffic tickets in our lives, which we dutifully pled guilty to and paid the fines. We had hired a lawyer twice for closings on house purchases. My wife had served on a jury once.We had been married for 25 years, raised two boys who were model citizens, extremely bright and had never had any trouble with the law. We both worked. My wife graduated from community college with a 4.0 average and was a charge nurse at a local nursing home. I had an M.A. degree in English and ran my own business. We paid our taxes, went to church, helped our neighbors, voted in every election, put up the flag on holidays-in short we were the kind of people that supposedly were the backbone of America.

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