Anyone Who Has a Little Time on There Hands to Research Something!?!?

Question by : Anyone who has a little time on there hands to research something!?!?
So I need a little help from someone who has a little extra time and wants to do this. I thought to bring this question here and ask it because I know there are alot of people who put good effort and time into BEST ANSWERS!… So, I am searching for a drug rehab center for a family member. It has to be in the state of Florida, but it doesn’t matter where. And the price doesn’t matter.
I’m looking for the number one rehab in the state of Florida to send them to… I want the place with the best success rate, and where he will get the care he needs to get off OXYCODONE. I have been searching since my mother asked for my help inbetween the 1000 other things Im in the middle of doing and it seems every place claims to be the best… so any help and direction would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Answer by Michael B
Well, my opinion, without doing any research at all, is that you are looking in the wrong direction. It is a matter of looking to see why someone needs the drug in the first place.
And here’s why.
Dr Bahari, a New York neurologist, found that drug addicts run only a third of the endorphins that someone such as myself take for granted. So the Oxy is a self-medication, and the low levels will still be a problem, and a very high likelihood of going back to the Oxy or worse.

Yes, I believe there’s an alternative, a better one.
Dr Bahari found that if the addict takes a tenth of the narcotic rehab drug Revia, at bed time, the body checks its endorphin level around 2 in the morning, finds it at zero, and brings up the endorphin level, to as much as 5-6 times what it would have been. So the addict wakes up without the need in the first place. Actually, it’s slightly less than a tenth.

Think I’m making this up? Read the websites, do your research or put it on someone else. What I suggest is for the person to go to their doctor, tell about the addiction problem, ask for a month’s supply of Revia, and dissolve one (50mg Naltrexone) in 50cc of distilled water, shake it up before taking it, and draw up 3cc to begin, go up to 3 1/2 after a couple weeks, then 4, then 4 1/2. 5 is too much.
Side effects? Vivid dreams, and sleep irregularities. The slow ramping up is to get the body accustomed without bothersome side effects. The price? Oh, maybe a dime a day.

Why isn’t this being used all over the place? Well, it went generic over a decade ago, now a price of maybe a dime a day. Follow the money. Rehab centers aren’t likely to suggest it. They know they have a lot of repeat business, as you are aware.

Speaking of side effects. If a family member is low, others are likely to be, too.
A multiple sclerosis patient went to Dr Bahari, telling about the issues of spasticity, transient blindness, feeling bad in the morning, etc. Since he already had some patients feeling better in the morning (the addicts), he asked her if she would try the low dose protocol. Sure, can’t hurt, might help. She came back a few weeks later, besides feeling better in the morning, HER MS SYMPTOMS WERE GOING AWAY.
So in your research, might want to look at other things, too.
As you can see, I’m putting the research back into your direction, on a path you certainly were not expecting to take. You did, after all, ask for any direction.

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