Who Is the Elitist Obama or McCain?

Question by Bill P: Who is the elitist Obama or McCain?
I mean really, McCain is a rich ahole, and his wife is worth millions all inherited from her daddy… But id like one of you republicans to explain to me some specific examples of how Obama is more of an elitist than McCain, instead of just saying this over and over like the republican propoganda machines tell you? The following are some more examples (not mine, I lost the site I got them from but they arent mine, credit to whoever wrote them up).

I mentioned a few moments ago that the Republicans love to try to paint Democrats as elitists. It’s actually part of the Republican playbook so no one that runs for office shouldn’t expect it to happen
My REAL question, though, is why anyone lets McCain try to get away with saying that Obama is an elitist, AS IF HE IS NOT. Truly. Here’s the definition of elitism.

e·lit·ism or é·lit·ism

The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.
So let’s just see…..

McCain’s father and grandfather were four-star admirals in the US Navy. I’ll bet the salaries of guys like that weren’t too shabby. In 1968, his father was named commander of all US forces in the Vietnam theatre.
McCain attended a private preparatory boarding school in Alexandria, Episcopal High School. (In fact, he also sent one of his kids to an elite private school and claimed tax breaks for charity. )
McCain was cheating with a rich woman 17 years his junior, who was daughter to a man who ran an Anheuser-Busch distributorship and not only had a drug addiction problem but was scamming through a charity. He dumped his wife, who had been crippled in an accident, and married the rich bimbo. What did his crippled wife Carol get out of the deal? Two Houses and financial support for her ongoing medical treatments from her accident. Now that should tell you right now that McCain was well-to-do if he could give his cheated-on wife TWO HOUSES and money to support her.
Carol, his wife, had been in a disfiguring traffic accident in 1969, a development that McCain first heard about from an officer’s offhand remark.
Like her husband, Carol was enduring a painful episode. On an icy Christmas Eve, she lost control of her car and crashed into a telephone pole. Authorities found her thrown from the wreckage, in shock and with serious injuries. Her legs were crunched, her arm and pelvis smashed and internal organs were bleeding. She almost died, and doctors discussed amputating her legs. It took months of operations, physical therapy and convalescence before Carol could walk without crutches.
“You might be upset when you see me,” Carol warned him from Jacksonville in their first post-release telephone conversation.
McCain reassured her: “Well, you know, I don’t look so good myself. It’s fine.”
According to McCain’s account of Carol’s recovery in Faith of My Fathers, she lost 4 inches off her height as a result of the accident and the related medical procedures.

A recent article on McCain talks about how his Hidden Ranch property has SIX HOUSES on it. And incidentally, that is his VACATION HOME.
McCain said the valley was settled by Mormons and that the Hidden Valley Ranch got its name from the horseshoe shape of the creek that runs through the property.

He said he built the first house on his property 24 years ago and now there are six houses on his lot.

But this article says it’s only FOUR houses and is worth 1.8 million dollars. Oh, what a comedown.

Arizona is a community property state, so McCain may share possessions his wife didn’t inherit, such as their primary home. Cindy McCain, through a family trust, sold the family mansion in Phoenix for $ 3.2 million and bought a $ 4.6 million Phoenix condo in 2006. The couple may also jointly own a condo in Arlington, Virginia, assessed at $ 847,800. McCain’s campaign and Hensley declined to say whether the couple has communal property.

John McCain held a barbecue recently for reporters at a two-story cabin near Sedona, Arizona, that sits on 15 acres owned by his wife’s family trust and a real estate partnership in her name. The property includes four single-family homes and is worth nearly $ 1.8 million.

Let’s mention again how much money McCain has at his disposal JUST FROM HIS WIFE, although none of HER money is apparently in McCain’s name.
The McCains’ marriage has mixed business and politics from the beginning, according to an expansive review by The Associated Press of thousands of pages of campaign, personal finance, real estate and property records nationwide. The paperwork chronicles the McCains’ ascent from Arizona newlyweds to political power couple on the national stage.

As heiress to her father’s stake in Hensley & Co. of Phoenix, Cindy McCain is an exe

Best answer:

Answer by Ashleigh
McCain…and I didn’t have to read your details…

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