Clomid Drugs?

Question by logirl: Clomid drugs?
I have been trying to conceive for more than 20 months, i wnt to try clomid without going to Hospital or hearing from my doctor, please wht is the implications

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Answer by lynnguys
You should only be taking fertility drugs under the guidance of a physician. The only implications that I know of are the side effects and the high incidence of multiple births. I would think that any misuse of fertility drugs could dangerous (just look at the warning label on most birth control pills!). I have a friend that had triplets after only one cycle of Clomid. Be wise and see your doctor!

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3 Responses to Clomid Drugs?

  • schmushe says:

    why do you not want to go to the hospital??

    better to have these types of meds under medical supervision – maybe you dont even need it – but need some ovulating help and advice.

    go to see your GP and then take it from there – you might have to wait for a hospital referral and appointment anyway so gives you time to think about it

  • JusMe says:

    You need to have a GYN monitor you because fertility drugs can make you hyperstimulate which can be dangerous. 20 months is a long time, so you really should get all the tests done to try to find out why you aren’t getting pregnant. Even your partner because sometimes it’s due to low sperm count.

  • terri l says:

    i think you should see a doctor to get those kinda of things taken care of theres alot more to it then just taking the drugs and maybe you should just wait a little longer took me two years to get pregnant

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