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Drug Abuse Treatment & Recovery in Florida Video – challenges-program.com – A premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Florida. We specialize in relapse treatment and relapse prevention for adults. Our rehab center in located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and serve clients from South Florida as well as Internationally. Our rehabilitation program is considered to be “cutting edge” in relapse prevention and treatment. Challenges is a JCAHO accredited.


Advocates deceive public by peddling pot as medicine

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By Bruce D. Grant | Guest columnist There is a dangerous and growing movement to make the use of cannabis for medical purposes legal in Florida. It seems that every few years the vocal marijuana advocates seek a way to normalize their drug of choice to …
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The Marchman Act: Court-Ordered Rehab?

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… or more commonly referred to as the Marchman Act. The Marchman Act essentially provides for emergency assistance and temporary detention for individuals requiring substance abuse evaluation and treatment in the state of Florida.
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Number of drug-addicted newborns soars

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They became addicted in the womb to opiates from prescription oxycodone to heroin through their mothers' drug use . Birth is the equivalent of going cold turkey. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said she thought she was on her way to ridding Florida …
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