I Would Like to Find More Information Regarding Substance Abuse Treatment in Sullivan, Maine. How?

Question by aiyana ts: I would like to find more information regarding substance abuse treatment in Sullivan, Maine. How?
I want to know more about substance abuse treatment, specifically about the treatment of prescription drug addiction. I already did a research on the Internet, but I feel that the information I have found is not enough. Any suggestions?

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I think you should go to substance abuse treatment centers. They’ll surely be able to provide you with more information regarding treatment methods, as well as the kinds of therapies that they offer to the patients. To find the treatment centers, you can use the links below. You can also go to the local hospital and ask one of the hospital staff to give you a list of the treatment centers in your area. Good luck! I do hope that you get the information you need.

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Habilitat Hawaii Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment & Vocational Training Program – Habilitat Hawaii Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment & Vocational Training Program Has been helping people since 1971. We are recognized as one of the nation’s foremost long term drug rehabilitation centers. Habilitat is a self-supporting non-profit organization. We have developed techniques for creating the qualities lacking in many people’s character: self-esteem, self-worth and self-discipline. Habilitat strengthens your character, mind and body. We believe the best way to take ones dignity is to do something for them that they can do for themselves. We teach individuals how to be self-reliant and responsible members of society. Habilitat’s approach to addiction is unique. We do not subscribe to the notion that addiction is a disease. We teach people that addiction and alcoholism is a choice. We have understood for many years that long-term drug rehabilitation alone is not enough to ensure long-term success. People need marketable skills and work ethics if they are to be competitive in today’s workforce. Our vocational training programs are second to none in the substance abuse treatment community. We motivate the unmotivated and often succeed where other programs have failed. Since its modest beginnings, Habilitat grew to accommodate 200 residents at its new oceanfront facility in Kane`ohe, Hawai`i. Consistently, through demonstration and positive results in helping thousands of individuals and their families, Vinny Marino maintained the highly acclaimed


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Walsh said lawmakers are hopeful the Senate will include the other $ 1 million in its budget so the agency — which focuses on drug abuse treatment and prevention — can be level-funded next year. The move comes as Southie is embroiled in an escalating …
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Age 29: #Julia addicted to drugs, after years of stripping checks herself into a government substance abuse treatment center. – by STL_BLONDE (Andrea Chapman)


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http://t.co/3ssSKXNw Eating Disorder Sufferers Often Turn to Drugs and Alcohol, Require Substance … – MarketWatch (press release) – by edenhec (Eden Heckler)


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Wish Josh the best and a speedy recovery http://t.co/yziNcyly – by LaGalaxyUSMNT (Cindy )