Drug Addiction: Am I a Drug Addict?

Question by 123: Drug Addiction: Am I a drug addict?
I take 5 psychiatrist pills and 1 benadryl pill every day. Most of the time when I finish all the pills I took, I start to freak out, cause without those pills, I can’t sleep. I can never sleep without taking those pills especially benadryl. Does this means I have a drug addiction?
The five pills are
1. wellbutrin
2. Prozac
3. buspirone- 2 pills daily
4. Zolpidem- sleeping pill

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Answer by Koala Bear
sounds like Yes

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3 Responses to Drug Addiction: Am I a Drug Addict?

  • Z-chan says:

    What are these 5 pills?

  • Bob Marley says:

    YES, free yourself from this hypochondriac addiction
    and taking all these pills are slowly killing your bodily organs.

  • Mathieu says:

    The only drug you take that has a potential for abuse is zolpidem, a schedule IV controlled substance. The other drugs can NOT lead to addiction.

    Nothing you describe sounds like addiction and I assume you take the zolpidem for insomnia? Does the doctor prescribing these medications know you take Benadryl at night?

    Just because you can’t sleep has nothing to do with addiction. Some people with psychiatric illness suffer chronic insomnia and some medications can also cause or worsen insomnia in some people. Even if medication side effects are the reason you can’t sleep that may be fine if the medications help you and you are getting something to help with your sleep. There are people who need to take certain medications to say healthy and if the result is insomnia that can be acceptable and you are getting hypnotics to reduce that problem.

    The simple definition of addiction is a loss of control over substance use WITH craving and/or compulsive use which is continued despite harm arising from drug use.

    Don’t worry and you can always directly ask a doctor about addiction risks from your medications and you can talk if you are concerned you may be abusing drugs.

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