High School’s Around the World?

Question by love you: high school’s around the world?
i think it would be cool.. if everone from all around the world would say what there highschool is like, how many kids, what your schedule is like, what the fashion is, what kids in your highschool do on the weekends?

my school is freshman – seniors, and there are over 1,800 kids…fashion is spandex, with boots and a babydoll shirt everyone trys to be ”popular” girls have sex with the guys everyday and really have no respect for them self..

my school starts at 7 am….
i have 7 classes, and school is out at 1:45 =)

btw. i am from new jersey! also, all the kids drink a lot
i am a virgin, and don’t drink..
polka dot your school sounds just like mine

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Answer by polkadotsbabyy
okay so my school is in north carolina.
school starts at 8.
lets out at 3.
hollister, abercrombie, aeropostale, forever 21, hot topic, wet seal, anything like that is in style.

okay so for how we are..ohh boy….here it goes…
*a student got in a car wreck and died.
*weve had 2 bomb threats
*an arson in the school bathroom
*sex. sex. and more sex
*student and teacher relationship[they were punished]
*mono and ghonnoreas been around twice.
*many almost fatal accidents.

and sooo much more.
my school is honestly just like degrassi.

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  • SHABUYA. <3 says:

    well im from Sydney, Australia.

    im in year 11, my school has about 1500 students and half of them are a bit, weird.

    there’s really no any fashion in our school, we have to wear uniform, white shirt and maroon pleated skirt and grey pants/shorts and a white shirt but the girls try to wear flats to school but yeah we always get in trouble for it, i know i do, its apparently ” a safety issue ”

    the year 7 children think that they’re all that because they’ve just started high school so they think they own the world, but otherwise i guess the people in my school are alright, the teachers however, haha a completely different story.

    my school starts at 8:50 and we have 5 classes on monday and 6 the rest of the week and we finish at 3:15

    i gotta say i like the people in my year at school, we all get along and theres hardly no problems, i guess we’ve all bonded since we’re almost finished school.

  • Poison says:

    Hmm this question is really interesting but I will come back to eat ’cause I have a long answer…

  • ameripostal11 says:

    1200 kids
    School starts at 7:41 and ends at 2:25
    Fashion is anything and everything thats within the rules- seriously. There’s a kid who dyed his hair blue/green!
    6 classes- but we’re going to Trimesters next year.

    I’m from Michigan

    Weekends? They make total @$ $ e$ of themselves. I hear kids talk all the time on how they woke up on Sunday with hangovers -_-

  • Mallory K says:

    I live in Hoover,AL

    I go to Hoover High School, the one from MTV’s Two-A-Days.

    We start school at either 730 or 830..depending on when you want to get out. if you start at 730 you get out at 230 and if you start at 830 you get out at 330.

    We have 8 periods. Each less than an hour long.

    We have the International Baccolerette(sp?) program, Advanced Placement and regular classes.

    We have 5 “Academies”–which are basically academic electives. They are highly selective, and you dont have to be in one
    -Law Academy-I am in this academy (its the best one!)
    -Engineering Academy-they build robots.
    -Finance Academy- They do nothing.
    -Technology Academy-They do stuff with computers

    As I said before, we have MTV at our school for 2 years, and it was kind of a hassle, they were everywhere all the time.

    Hoover is known for our football team. But we also have great marching, concert, and jazz bands (which I am in!).

    As far as the students go..

    Fashion: skinny jeans or super flared jeans, usually from Buckle. Flats and wedges for girls. Cute dresses, too. For guys, button down shirts and Ralph Laruen is really popular. But alot of us just like to wear tee shirts and flip flops.

    Drugs: Lets just say there have been several drug busts. This sophomore in my Spanish class is in rehab, as well as many others. Oh, and there was a deal going on, IN FRONT OF MY TEACHER.

    Alcohol: We can’t have water bottles in class because one time a kid put vodka in one, and well..if that tells you anything…but yeah we have heavy drinkers.

    Sex: I’m sure its widespread. We have a few pregnant girls.

    Oh, I am a Junior, and I CAN’T WAIT FOR COLLEGE!!!!!

  • nakora_free says:

    My school is 9th through 12th grade (freshman though senior) There are about 3,600 students. Our school starts at 7:45 and gets out at 2:45. We have four classes in a day that are an hour and half long but we rotate schedules every other day so you can have up to eight classes. So on monday you might have one set of classes (called “green day classes” after one of our school colors) and on tuesday you have another set (called “silver day classes” after another of our school colors) Not every class is a rotator though so some you go to every day and some you go every other day. We also have a 40 minute lunch period in which juniors and seniors are allowed off campus but freshman and sophomores aren’t (but some sneak off anyway.) We are on a semester system. So at the end of the first semester your schedule changes, But some clases are two semester classes and oyu keep those after tha semester changes. Our school colors are green, black and silver.
    We don’t have “popular” people, everyone just has a set of friends and the cliques always overlap so their aren’t really any cliques. I know a few people who are sexually active and I’m sure there are more but only three of my friends are and I’m not. My bf has been in the past but we aren’t and he doesn’t pressure me. There are alcoholics in the school, but drugs aren’t nearly as big a problem as alcohol (I don’t drink either)
    There really isn’t a “fashion” at my school either. There is such a diversity among students and their interests and things that everyone just dresses however they want to and we don’t have a dress code.

  • sunsets524 says:

    My high school is in Arizona. Freshman-Seniors. Over 3,200 students.

    I have 8 classes, but one is an extra one before regular school starts so most people only have 7 classes. The extra classes start at 6:43 and regular classes start at 7:50. The fashion is varied. Mostly boots, hoodies, baby doll tops, and tiny shorts.

    Oh, and school gets out at 2:27.

    *Tons of students in rehab
    *Drug deals all the time
    *Lots of pregnant girls
    *The school was set on fire
    *One bomb threat
    *Three lockdowns
    *Fights everyday
    *Drug busts
    *Kids showing up high/drunk/stoned

  • ??Wabby?? says:

    I’ve been to 3 different high schools. Two in New Zealand, one in Australia.

    We start school between 8.25-8.50. Monday- Friday. We have 5 periods each day. We have to take 6 subjects except in the last year you take 5.

    In New Zealand you can go to a College which starts at age 11-18 or you can go to a middle school which we call intermediate and between 11-13. Then high school from 13-18. We use the word ‘form’ not grade. So if you started college at 11 you’d be in form 1. 12years old= 2nd form. Right up to 7th form.

    All schools have uniforms. In New Zealand in the winter we wear a kilt, white blouse and a jersey. The colours depend on which school you go to. In the summer, most schools just wear the winter uniform, but some schools have a summer uniform which is just usually a short sleeve blouse and a skirt.

    Boys wear gray shorts, long socks, gray shirts or white polos and a jersey.

    In 7th form some schools have mulfti (no uniform.)

    My first school had 700 students, second school had 600, last school had about 500.

    I went to an all girls school for 3 years.

    I don’t go to school anymore, I’m at Uni.

    In the weekends people usually drink, go to town, go to the beach, go shopping etc.

    We usually get 20minutes for morning tea and 30-1hour for lunch.

    We didn’t really have popular girls, everyone just sort of talks to everyone.


  • ??FATHER to be : 8-08-2008?? says:

    Ok, here goes. I live in Northern Mississippi. We have over 4,000 students enrolled this year. Fashion is whatever. Its always the latest fashions, styles, and accessories. We start school at 7:45, we are on a 4 or 5 period block schedule this year, (before we were on a 7 period schedule) so classes are 98 minutes, and depending on your class schedule you may get out earlier than 2:45 which is normal get out time. Football rules this school, so if you are a football player then you basically have every girl in school all over you. And thats how a lot of girls here get pregnant, not having any respect for themselves and just opening their legs to any football player and thinking that he really cares about her. Then she is left alone with child and he gets a new girl to do the same thing. (not my case mine is with my girlfriend of 3 years.)
    Weekends here include:
    Sex, sex, and more sex
    Drinking and partying not necessarily in that order.
    Partying in oxford or doing just about everything else in oxford

    Things we have to deal with on a regular bases:
    bomb threats
    pregnancies (lucky me)
    mad girlfriends
    cracked out teachers
    bad cafeteria food
    and so much more.

    Just your average high school.

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