Financial Cost of Drug Addiction – Video Infographic


Financial Cost of Drug Addiction – Video Infographic – View the infographic as a flat image here: Want to know how …


Marijuana becomes legal in Colorado: Frequently asked questions

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Marijuana was responsible for 4.5 million of the 7.1 million Americans dependent on or abusing illicit drugs, according to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health published by the Department of Health and Human Services. Withdrawal symptoms …
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Dr. Oz and Steven Tyler discuss : 'Doctors are the real drug dealers'

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Dr. Oz spoke to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler about his harrowing drug addiction on the Jan. 2 episode of the Dr. Oz Show. (This episode first aired Sept. 10, 2013.) Tyler, who has four children (including actress Liv Tyler), told Dr. Oz his …


OPINION: There is hope for those who are addicted to drugs

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The Enquirer's recent series on pain management and opiate addiction reminded me of my own nightmare. A doctor prescribed a powerful painkiller in 2000 when I hurt my shoulder lifting weights. Three of those pills each day worked fine for quite a while …


Barnstaple drug addict stole £200 worth of perfume from Boots to fund heroin habit

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A WOMAN stole perfume worth more than £200 on two consecutive days from a shop in Barnstaple to fund her heroin addiction, a court has heard. Mandy Ann Hooper, 46, of Brewer Road, Barnstaple, pleaded guilty to two charges of theft at North Devon …
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18 Responses to Financial Cost of Drug Addiction – Video Infographic

  • John Roadrunner says:

    While cybercruzin…..stopped here….?

  • Clint Udy says:

    Want to cut spending in the government? This is one are that should be
    first on the chopping block for reforms. ?

  • Justin Daniels says:

    Each year prisons become overcrowded with minor drug offenders, costing
    taxpayers an overwhelming amount of money. What can be done to solve this
    problem? Therapy.

    Watch our video infographic to see how government funded, preemptive
    therapy for first time drug users can help solve this problem:?

  • musicisthegateway says:


  • ClarityWayRehab says:

    Glad you like the video! We also have the data presented as an image
    infographic. There is a link to it at the bottom of the description. Thanks
    for your feedback!

  • ???????? ???????? says:


  • anuangelseyes says:

    The weight of 2000 statues of liberty in drugs seized every year ??WHERE do
    all those confiscated drugs go??

  • Foomandoonian says:

    Pretty, but too fast, too much text and too small. A voiceover would be
    MUCH better.

  • SeekWisdom says:

    It is great to have videos like this to educate people on the financial
    costs. There is also a human cost. There have been more than enough
    instances when drug raids have resulted in deaths of innocents- “collateral
    of war”. This war on drugs is very lucrative for the parties involved
    (privatized prisons, dea, state police etc etc) and they will continue to
    lobby, influence, intimidate, and do everything else in their power to
    maintain status quo. Look to Colorado, the players are getting scared

  • Nicolas Marinus says:

    It seems most effort is wasted on cannabis. Legalise it already. We have
    less issues with cannabis than with alcohol in Europe.

  • ClarityWayRehab says:

    Hi there! We have a flat image version of the infographic as well. You
    might find that easier to read. Check out the link at the bottom of the

  • musicisthegateway says:

    Can you run the graphics a bit faster? I can almost read them without
    pausing the video. Thanks.

  • vermanshane says:

    Thanks 🙂

  • scintientfavabeingz says:

    $209 per person via tax for a drug offending inmate, and with your program
    its down to $110? while thats not bad how about you legalize some if not
    all drugs and watch it get a hell of a lot closer to $0.

  • ClarityWayRehab says:

    Thanks for watching Stan! We also have the infographic in a flat image form
    for those who find that easier to read. The link is at the bottom of the
    video description!

  • KrimTheRed says:

    Song is song 9 on Ghosts 1 from Nine Inch Nails.

  • Stannnnnnnnn says:

    I’m sure they’re interesting but they move WAY too fast to take in.

  • RiShitna says:


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