How Are Prescription Drugs So Abused if Ppl Dont Have a Legitimate Prescription?

Question by rtinsley30: How are prescription drugs so abused if ppl dont have a legitimate prescription?
I am inquiring for a paper I am writing for College Composition, on Drugs in Juvenile Justice. It shocked me that prescriptions are more abused than any other drug besides marijuana. However Marijuana hasnt caused any documented deaths, and kids are oversoding on medication. I realize millions of kids are prescribed meds for ADD, and ADHD, but I am curious about the ones who arent? Where do they get them from? Street prices are expensive, so are they stealing from their parents? Thanks for any suggestions, plz answer my other question if you can, I appreciate, and I am not looking for drugs, lol. Thanks

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Answer by Erin
That’s the thing about something called pain. It can’t be proved. If you have an infection or a broken bone, there are definite signs. But if you’re in pain, who’s to say you’re not? (Just look at how many law suits there are with insurance companies over their disability rating all based on the “pain” the claimant must deal with.) It’s easier than you’d think to go to a doctor and claim pain to get narcotics. Then go to a different doctor in a different practice and claim the same thing. Get a different prescription. And so on. Then get the different prescriptions filled at different pharmacy chains. And it’s also possible to order narcotics online from a different country and have them shipped in. I know all of this because this is what an ex-coworker did to feed her addiction.

Also, if a person does have a legitimate prescription for something, such as ADD or ADHD, the kid doesn’t have to actually take the drug if they choose not to. Some people prefer money to wellness. Again, I know this from witnessing people selling their own prescriptions instead of taking them like they should.

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  • Colonel Forbin says:

    It should be obvious how people get their hands on prescription drugs. Many people fake ailments to get prescribed drugs so that they can sell them. Many people start out taking a prescription drug, like Ritalin, but gradually use it fewer and fewer times each month, ending up with a sizable stash. Someone like this may not ever have thought of themselves as a drug dealer, may be straight in every other way, but let’s put this person in a HS or college setting, and now money becomes a factor. Friends and fellow students are willing to pay big bucks for something you’re about to flush down the toilet. Profit! Many people also steal drug from friends and relatives, and if you are writing a paper on this subject you would be remiss not to look up the increase in pharmacy robberies over the past decade or so where the robbers demanded no cash, just Oxycontin. People often trade drugs too, some kid gets a scripts for xanax and trades with his buddy for Ritalin so they can both get their term papers finished then chill out afterward.

    Most people’s medical insurance pays for their prescription, often with just a low copay. You get 60 Pills for $ 15 that you can sell for $ 2-5 a pill, if not ten times that amount. That’s a very hard prof margin to resist. Go rent the movie “Charlie Bartlett”

  • ~G?ACE~ says:

    kids are buying Adderall and other amphetamines at college from other students. Mostly they buy “per pill” so it’s not too expensive. Some steal them from other kids who take them from prescription. Believe it or not, some adults even take them from their kid’s prescriptions! Very sad!

  • Just Me says:

    Even those like me with legitimate reason for using otherwise illegal drugs like Codeine, Morphine, Oxycontin Heroin etc…

    The problem is it only takes 3 weeks for dependancy to build up of sustained Morphine use. Most of us are legalized addicts because of our ailments. This does NOT illiminate the risks of over use and as such abuse because it is still the same drug thats on the streets just clean and it still affects our bodies the same.

    Hope it answers your question taking out the legal status abuse can happen for illegal and legal reasons.

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