Why Drug Addiction Is So Huge in Ireland?

Question by YaroElf: Why Drug Addiction Is So Huge In Ireland?
Just simple curiosity…

I stumbled upon an article from some Irish website that claimed that in 2011 80% of

Irish drink beer daily or once in two days. An average pub crawl night for an Irish is 3L of beer or more.

Also it claimed that 50% of Northern Irish teens between ages 12-21 use illegal drugs daily

and consume 5+ beers each Friday.

What source did this information could be coming from? Is that even true?

Coming from my personal experience, when I went to High School in Canada, 99% of my underage friends did numerous illegal drugs daily and got drunk at least once in 48hours (till some began to puke) in the parks, inside dark movie theaters, house parties, during the school lunch, and after school at 4:20. I thought it was all normal. Next I had to move for my Grade12 to another High School ’cause my family moved, and I was surprised that in the new place 90% never had a beer or a cigarette. I was shocked. Next year I went to College and I was very surprised that most on campus didn’t use drugs or alcohol as much as I experienced back in the first High School. I guess I went to a ghetto High School. Of course over 50% of my ex-friends from the past didn’t go to College. I’m not showing off. I’m curious about Drug Problems In Ireland.
I’m talking here about NORTHERN IRELAND

According to the article posted in Sept. 2011 UN announced according to the statistic that Ireland has the 1st place in Europe in Alcohol consumption and Drug problems(mostly Cannabis, LSD, Heroine). I know what an addiction means and the article specifically said that 80% of Northern Irish drink every day or once in two days forever. If you r an Irish, don’t be offended because Russia and Ukraine and Crezh Republic and Poland and China have much worse drug/alcohol problems.

Now should I move to Ireland? I love beer….
Oh yes I forgot to add: apparently the cannabis consumption grew from 10% during mid 90s to 50% of population in 2011(Every second person is a stoner? C’mon). It said one headshop opens up every new week. Some Irish Freedom Organization bombed the Nirvana Headshop last month because they think headshops are evil.

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Answer by Guru Hank
Because the beer is so expensive.

Yes, Dublin did have a bad smack problem a few years ago, don’t know if it is the same now.

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8 Responses to Why Drug Addiction Is So Huge in Ireland?

  • Declan says:

    Alcohol is very normal in Ireland. Every body drinks. Its how family and friends celebrate. Its just how things are done.

    With the drugs its the same all over the world. Good people getting into bad habbits.

  • ? says:

    Um those ”statistics” are about the amounts people drink, not addiction. How does drinking alot in one night mean you’re addicted to alcohol? Do you have any idea what addiction even is? That’s not it.

    It’s not a problem in Ireland. EVERY country in the world has people who are addicted to alcohol and other substances. It’s a stereotype of Ireland that it’s full of drunks. It’s not actually.

  • Maxi says:

    Ireland or Northern Ireland ? You are talking about two different countries……………..alcohol has been and will continue as a way of life for many Irish/NI ………….and there could be an number of reasons for it…..family scripts, this is what they saw when growing up and so they repeat the patterns of behaviour as ‘normal life’…….. people drink alcohol to blot out emotional pain and suffering, hardship…and the irish have had plenty of that in the past….and even now with the economic climate people will turn to scripts and repeat…..it isn’t the answer to anything but as humans it is still done……..
    Peer pressure……….. is another one…..addiction……….

    Drugs and alcohol are a problem in any culture, anywhere in the world Ireland/NI are small places and easy to target for statisitics …eg, NI is used by many commercial companies to trial launch products and measure results…same goes for the Trusts ( health service) many trials and health of population queries are tested there, then used across the UK as the demographics are best to get good results…..so the Irish also use those tests and trials statistics as there is little point in paying marketing companies twice for those results… realise it or not Ireland and the UK ( NI) have more in common than a common travel agreement

  • bluebell says:

    There is drug addiction in Ireland, and we are told drugs are available in every town, but personally I have never come across any. Consequently, my view is that while there are drugs around, the drug addiction problem is not anywhere So Huge as you state.

    Some Irish drink beer daily or every other day, bought by the pint (less than a litre). A pub crawl of 3 litres (5.27 pints) might be close enough – a drinking friend says it would depend on the number of pubs in the area, one pint in each.

    Statistics like this will depend on who you ask. Conducting a survey entirely among young people in a pub will give different results than people at random asked on the street. The only dependable survey is a national census.

  • Niall says:
  • Cian O'kane says:

    sorry to burst ur little bubble, but the poll lied to u, 80% of irish people drink alcohol dailly?? fvck off, who made this poll the fvcking irish hate association?? dont believe everything u read for god sake.

  • One says:

    You are confusing drug addiction and drug use (including alcohol as a drug). I suggest you contact some of the addiction treatment centres if you really want to find out about addiction.

    Someone who drinks beer every day is not necessarily an addict. Some addicts don’t drink every day.

    As regards “Of course over 50% of my ex-friends from the past didn’t go to College” – addiction doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter if you come from a ghetto or Beverly Hills. Money may have been the reason your ex-friends didn’t go to college.

    It’s a very normal thing to want to experiment with drink and/or drugs as a teen. Some do, some don’t. Unfortunately you’re not born with a cert to say whether you’re an addict or not, and it’s only when you use the substance that you’re addicted to that the disease manifests itself.

    Your question sounds very confused.

    And it’s Heroin, not Heroine (remembers the sign in The Commitments lol!)

  • The best video says:

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