How to Become a Man


How To Become A Man – The Problem With Boys (ACTUAL title of the article) – What Is A Man? –…


For the Love of Money

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Without the alcohol and drugs in my system, I felt like my chest had been cracked open, exposing my heart to air. The counselor said that my abuse of drugs and alcohol was a symptom of an underlying problem — a “spiritual malady,” she called it. C.S.F …
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Prescription drugs lead to growing problem of infant addiction

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The rise of prescription drug addiction has resulted in more babies born addicted to narcotics compared to just two decades ago, when infant addiction was associated more with street-level drugs. A 2012 study published in The Journal of the American …
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ROBINSON: Hoffman another victim in failed drug war

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Why would a man held in such high esteem, a man with so much going for him and so much to live for, risk it all by buying illegal drugs from a criminal on the street and then injecting them into his veins? For the same reason any addict uses drugs: to …
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