Why Shouldn’t Child Molesters/abusers Be Held Responsible for the Multiple Generations of Acting Out?

Question by The Space Kitth: Why shouldn’t child molesters/abusers be held responsible for the multiple generations of acting out?
Lets say I start a brush fire because I like to watch things burn. All I INTENDED to burn was the field of brush… But the fire spreads and kills a family… I’m liable for the fire, the property damage, and the death of the family…

One man molests his son, his nephew, his niece, the granddaughter, his cousin’s son… And a couple of neighbors kids…

The son grows up to molest his daughter…
The niece has her “First Lesbian Experience” when she was 9 with a 10 year old at school…
The niece grows up to be a teacher and has sex with her 15 year old student…
The cousin’s son has his 9 year old cousin blow him at a family reunion…

To cope with the trauma, most of them will start to drink or use drugs… They’ll have PTSD and possibly bipolar disorder or PTSD, which are all being shown to be far more related to one another than previously thought…

None of them are able to maintain healthy intimacy… They act out sexually, violently, and even go on to experience worse physical health because trauma in childhood damages your epigenomic development and increases your rate of cancer, heart disease, etc.

They go on to abuse their children, either implicitly or explicitly, because a depressed mother or father is unable to properly respond to the needs of their young children, so their children’s brains don’t develop properly and it alters their personality and causes them to become attracted to damaged people in their adult lives because children use their parents as the template of what to look for in their own partners…

Each abused child has a 60% risk of abusing others…
Each child molester that overtly molests a child tends to get to a dozen kids before being caught…
Abuse/Trauma leads to domestic violence, chaos, poverty, unplanned/unwanted pregnancy, divorce, stripping, etc.

ALL of it tracks back to a single family member that was abused and perpetuated the generational transmission of trauma until the family can’t even remember where the chaos and abuse began…


Why don’t we start holding the person that sparks the first match responsible for burning down a whole neighborhood? Why don’t we make treatment for the victims MANDATORY?

Why do we refuse to look at the reality of the normalization of and multi generational nature of trauma, addiction, etc. and call these acts “Choices” when they’re not?
Childhood Sexual Abuse Ups Risk of Heart Attacks in Men | PsychCentral.

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and childhood trauma/ abuse

Abuse during childhood may contribute to obesity in adulthood

Is it REALLY Epilepsy? – Epilepsy Foundation (Pseudoseizures & Sexual Abuse)

Child molesters
57% of child molesters were molested themselves as children

Child Maltreatment & Poverty: Causes & Effects | Psychology Today

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Answer by poor
yeah theyll most likely traumatize them

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  • Foofa says:

    They should. The statute of limitations on these crimes is way too short in most states. Molestation should have the same statute as first degree murder, which is none. Someone should be able to file charges any time in their lifetime that they gather the courage to do so. In my state one only has seven years to report the crime. Assuming one is very young at the time of the assault that means they might barely even be an adult by the time the statute runs out.

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