Is It Starting to Look Like Colin Kaepernick Is a Very Predictable Qb?

Question by Scott S: Is it starting to look like Colin kaepernick is a very predictable qb?
No doubt he’s a great athlete, but it seems like teams have him figured out. I watched the colts game and the colts defense seemed to know every move he was going to make and they looked like one of the best defenses in the league. Don’t forget that this is the same defense that made Tyrelle Prior look like an all-star. I never watched the game last week against Seattle but by looking at the stats I would imagine they had him figured out too. Maybe I’m wrong but from watching that colts game kaepernick doesn’t look like he will continue to be the “amazing” qb he’s been seen as.
@AC Stylin Come on though man, the colts? Seattle I understand but when you watch the colts get tossed around by Tyrelle Prior and the raiders, then watch them know colin kaepernicks every next move the 2 weeks later, it just doesn’t seem right
@steroid moe. Whenever Colin kaepernick left the pocket they always had someone pull off coverage and never give him any running room. I’ve never seen this done as affectingly to qbs like Michael Vick, cam newton, etc. And he obviously wasn’t finding anyone poem down field
@steroid moe. No matter what excuse you make Colin kaepernick did not look like a pro qb against a bottom 10 defense. Now the 49ers did have poor play calling by not running more when that was effective, but still not a good enough excuse to defend kaepernick. I agree with what far2sensible said, Colin kaepernick just seems too one dimensional. He doesn’t make the kind of plays that comparable qbs make.

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Answer by The rainmaker
I think he is caught up trying to be aggressive and make too many plays instead of taking the simple play that is here. Whether it is checking down to a receiver when no one is open or breaking off a run when the pocket gets flooded.

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4 Responses to Is It Starting to Look Like Colin Kaepernick Is a Very Predictable Qb?

  • AC Stylin says:

    He’s just having some growing pains, happens to every QB. Guy hasn’t even started 16 games in his career yet. Kind of amusing that people are starting to write him off just because he’s not great every single game.

  • ? far2sensible ? says:

    The analysts were just commenting that he has become very single dimensional in his abilities. Where QB’s like Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning are masters of controlling defenses and Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are the masters of adaption taking advantage of whatever defenses are giving him, Colin seems to struggle when the play doesn’t match the defense. He just can’t adjust and seems ill prepared for the game.

  • Eric B says:

    Here is a perspective many are overlooking about Krapernick:

    Univ. of Nevada is NOT exactly a topnotch quarterback collegiate-prep for the elite NFL level. His competition at the collegiate level was not exactly honed against quality defenses a-la-Alabama, Texas A&M, Ohio State, etcetera, etc!

    He was drafted by San Fran when they were a desperate 2011 franchise, which was changing coaches (Harbaugh) and their 2011 draft is proving suspect: recently submitted to an institution for DRUG REHAB Aldon Smith, and Krapernick. Colin is proving to be another version of Tim Tebow: hard worker, great work ethic, but not exactly an elite NFL-calibre QB.

    2012-’13 season:

    Krapernick was on a brief [emphasis on BRIEF] hot-streak when Alex Smith went out. Nothing more; nothing less. Krapernick had Harbaugh fooled he was the ”Next Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck”.


    If it were NOT for that New Orleans stadium electrical/power outage, the Baltimore Ravens would have blown out Krapernick and the 1849ers at the Super Bowl, but Momentum is everything and San Fran used that outage to their advantage.

    In case you did not notice, Krapernick lacks profusely in the accuracy category (blame Nevada?)

    1. He is a work in progress.

    2. Yes, he is very predictable, and from 2013 until the cows come home every defense KNOWS about his 1 trick pony: his run game.

  • Red Barron says:

    I think he just had a bad couple of games. He was phenomenal from the pocket against the packers in week one. Seattle made Tom Brady look like $ hit with THAT defense in THAT building. As far as yesterday, I was just as shocked at his ineffectiveness as anyone but remember he didn’t have Vernon Davis. I’ve seen enough of him to know he’s the real deal. I think people are too quick to bail on players now a days.

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