Poker, Cold Deck Hand, Addiction Gambling


Poker, cold deck hand, addiction gambling – A study from Statistics Canada shows that wealthier people, on average, spend more money on wagering. But gamblers who have les…


Can Uruguay hash out a progressive model for cannabis reform?

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Criminalization of marijuana by definition ensures that the supply chain remains in a lawless retail market controlled by drug traffickers and violent cartels. … Uruguay insists it is acting within the spirit of the treaties by creating a solution to …
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Poll Reveals Another Worry About The New Health Care Law

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Just when the government's insurance website is starting to run more smoothly, an Associated Press-GfK poll finds a potentially bigger problem for President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. Americans who … Some people who have …
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2014: The Year In Science

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In October, the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (Ladee) performed another successful test in which it beamed laser pulses containing high-definition video between three different Earth receivers. The European Space Agency's Alphasat …
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4 Responses to Poker, Cold Deck Hand, Addiction Gambling

  • amtrac71 says:

    I have a really bad farting problem..dame it really stinks!

  • bodybuildingsa says:

    hahaa, im guna go gamble today! 😉

  • matsui2001 says:

    Gamblers are greedy lazy mugs who want “something for nothing” Ask yourself
    just ONE question before you set off to go to the casino/betting
    shop……..IF YOU COULD WIN WOULD IT BE THERE!!!! I am an ex-gambling
    addict (I have been gamble free for 8 years now) so I have been there done
    that got the tee-shirt. I have heard ALL the systems, I have heard all the
    lies and bullshit!!!! I woke up on the Morning of March 13th 2000 and said
    “THAT IS IT NO MORE” I buy a Lotto ticket once a month now.

  • Bader Mubarak says:

    get the fuck outta here

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