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Does Anyone Know How Extensively Pharmacy Schools Look Into an Applicants Background?

Question by people_in_planes: does anyone know how extensively pharmacy schools look into an applicants background?
i was placed into a rehab treatment center not for drugs but for clinical depression when i was a minor could that hurt my chances? should i be honest when applying and going in for my interview?

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Answer by Citicop
Being honest may disqualify you, but probably not.

Getting caught in a lie will ALWAYS disqualify you.

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Addicted to Drugs-No Insurance-What to Do?

Question by Jewel: Addicted to drugs-No insurance-What to do?
My niece is addicted to drugs and has no health insurance for rehab. We don’t know of any options for her. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Miz D
The Salvation Army runs some drug and alcohol addition rehab programs. Here’s a link to one of their rescue missions in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Is It Starting to Look Like Colin Kaepernick Is a Very Predictable Qb?

Question by Scott S: Is it starting to look like Colin kaepernick is a very predictable qb?
No doubt he’s a great athlete, but it seems like teams have him figured out. I watched the colts game and the colts defense seemed to know every move he was going to make and they looked like one of the best defenses in the league. Don’t forget that this is the same defense that made Tyrelle Prior look like an all-star. I never watched the game last week against Seattle but by looking at the stats I would imagine they had him figured out too. Maybe I’m wrong but from watching that colts game kaepernick doesn’t look like he will continue to be the “amazing” qb he’s been seen as.
@AC Stylin Come on though man, the colts? Seattle I understand but when you watch the colts get tossed around by Tyrelle Prior and the raiders, then watch them know colin kaepernicks every next move the 2 weeks later, it just doesn’t seem right
@steroid moe. Whenever Colin kaepernick left the pocket they always had someone pull off coverage and never give him any running room. I’ve never seen this done as affectingly to qbs like Michael Vick, cam newton, etc. And he obviously wasn’t finding anyone poem down field
@steroid moe. No matter what excuse you make Colin kaepernick did not look like a pro qb against a bottom 10 defense. Now the 49ers did have poor play calling by not running more when that was effective, but still not a good enough excuse to defend kaepernick. I agree with what far2sensible said, Colin kaepernick just seems too one dimensional. He doesn’t make the kind of plays that comparable qbs make.

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Should Marijuana Also Be Legalised In Nigeria?

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Udenze who is also the president Of 'Reconnect health development Initiative', an NGO that supports sufferers and families of those affected by mental illness and drug addiction, said the NGO was already supporting people who could not afford treatment.
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How Can I Stop My Unhealthy Behaviors and Addiction Once and for All?

Question by sk8ter: How can I stop my unhealthy behaviors and addiction once and for all?
I find it so hopeless to quit my addiction and other unhealthy behaviors. The more I try to stop something, the more it bugs me. The more I stop thinking about it, the more it haunts me. The more I control the urges, the more they haunt me. What can I do about this? Help me, please. Thanks.

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Answer by ChiMom
Not knowing what addictions you are referring to, make it difficult to give advice.

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No One Brings Dinner When Your Daughter Is An Addict

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She lived in a recovery house, relapsed, then spent seven weeks in a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. No soup, no homemade loaves of bread. Maggie progressed well at the treatment center. When the insurance coverage on inpatient treatment …
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