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Drug Addiction?

Question by Just Wondering: Drug Addiction?
I am taking a class on Social Problems and we have to do a project on a certain social problem in our society. The topic I chose is drug addiction. I see this as a pretty bad social problem in the united states. I am trying to get some ideas on what causes drug addiction. What makes people want to try drugs. I know a lot of people try drugs out of curiousity or boredom or maybe stress. I don’t know because I do not use drugs. Anyways, any ideas or suggestions or anything please feel free.

Addiction and Nutrition – Works Wonders!


Addiction And Nutrition – Works Wonders! – Addiction and nutrition Link here: http://tinyurl.com/addictionstop treatment centers for alcohol addiction inpatient alcohol treatment centers drug alcohol …


A Growing Number of Americans: Drug Abuse Is a Health Issue, Not a Crime

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According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, today just over two-thirds of the public believe the government should focus less on prosecution and more on providing treatment for people who abuse substances such as cocaine and …
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Drug Addiction Treatment Center, Residential Treatment Facility in Temecula CA 92591


Drug Addiction Treatment Center, Residential Treatment Facility in Temecula CA 92591 – Overcome addiction and get your life back. Southern California Detox in Riverside County, Temecula, California, provides detox and addiction recovery service…


Data on Drug Addiction?

Question by thecheapest902: data on drug addiction?
I would like to have any data on drug addiction in the world, how many percentage of its people are addicted by country.

It’s better if there is any additional information on drug abuse among celebrities in US and other countries.

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Answer by Anna
how many people are addicted


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How can I help a friend with drug addiction get help? – Betty Ford Center Q&A – Dr. James West, former medical director of the Betty Ford Center, discusses options for people experiencing drug addiction.

Drug Addiction: Am I a Drug Addict?

Question by 123: Drug Addiction: Am I a drug addict?
I take 5 psychiatrist pills and 1 benadryl pill every day. Most of the time when I finish all the pills I took, I start to freak out, cause without those pills, I can’t sleep. I can never sleep without taking those pills especially benadryl. Does this means I have a drug addiction?
The five pills are
1. wellbutrin
2. Prozac
3. buspirone- 2 pills daily
4. Zolpidem- sleeping pill

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Answer by Koala Bear
sounds like Yes

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Is Drug Addiction the Only Disease You Get Thrown in Jail for Having It?

Question by steven g: Is drug addiction the only disease you get thrown in jail for having it?
If it’s a disease why can you buy it on street corners? If it’s a dsease why do they have treatment limits? I could go on and on.

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Answer by brokenheartsyndrome
The disease had bad side effects….

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