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Most Common Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse?

Question by blah blah: Most Common Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse?
what are the most common warning signs of teen drug abuse?? Its for a school project.

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Answer by DC
hanging out with known drug users, being secretive, skipping classes, needing money all the time are a few I can think of.

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Are These Symptoms of Drug Abuse?

Question by sXe: Are these symptoms of drug abuse?
Restricted pupils, glassy eyes, scratching, can’t sit still, and everything is done in a rammy hurried fashion. If so, what kind of drugs would cause these symptoms?

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Answer by lollocoptor
When it comes to drug use, one of the most common symptoms is pupil dilation. However, the real thing to look for is a change from the normal, which could definitely include restricted pupils. All the other symptoms you gave are good indicators of drug use, and the scratching is a cardinal sign of methamphetamine.

Wha Are Some Medications for Parkinson’s Disease That Mimic or Replace the Dopamine Chemicals?

Question by James Bond: Wha are some medications for Parkinson’s disease that mimic or replace the dopamine chemicals?

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Answer by Mags
First of all I know this is long – if you want to skip the narrative and the message, scroll down to the list. Even that is long because often these treatments are interlinked.

Impact of Drug Abuse?

Question by pyro229: impact of Drug abuse?
Can someone please help me with this?

Describe the impact of this type of risk behavior on quality of life by making reference to the different spheres of life – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and ethical.

and also… provide advice on how to say ‘NO’ to this type of risk behavior and practice- examples of relevant situations should be used as basis of the advice

Need it urgently!!
Can you please tell me the effects on the quality of life as well as the advice

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Should I Report a 13 Year Old Drug User?

Question by ?: Should I report a 13 year old drug user?
He was doing weed. Can you say WHY you think your answer because I know people say weed is less dangerous than alcohol and wouldn’t report someone for drinking but it’s an illegal drug and he’s underage

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Answer by ??????
No. You should go to him and tell him that he needs to tell his mother, and if he doesn’t, you will. Don’t get him involved in the judicial system until you give him a chance to straighten it out at home.

Is There More Drug Abuse and Mental Health Problems in the Transgender/transsexual Community?

Question by someone: Is there more drug abuse and mental health problems in the transgender/transsexual community?
statistics would be nice?

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Answer by Renny
Yes, drug abuse and mental health issues are more prevalent among transgenders/transsexuals.