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Are There Free Rehab Places for Drug Addicts?

Question by whattheheck: Are there free rehab places for drug addicts?
My brother is a pot head and an alcoholic he has nothing, no drivers license, nothing he owns thousands in back child support and the worst part is that he is one of the most talented people I know he sings like Elvis, writes his own songs, is artistic, but his substance abuse has made him an angry hateful person. I don’t know how I can help him. Please I need advice.

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How to Get Custody of My 16 Year Old Brother? in Nj?

Question by Michelle: How to get custody of my 16 year old brother? In nj?
My little brother is 16. He is living with my mother who is addicted to pain killers due to her getting sick 7 years ago. She has recently got kicked out of her pain management doctors for failing a drug test and is lying about it . She is mentally unstable and is suicidal. I have tried to get her to go into a rehab or go and take suboxsen ( im not sure how to spell that). She has 14 days left of her pain meds until she starts to withdrawal. She has also been snorting coke since i can remember. She let my brother drop out of school at 14 and has let him stay home and do nothing. Her house is a disaster and is not getting any better. Her husband is an alcoholic who mentally abuses the two of them with his hurtful words and verbal threats. His father is an old man with many health problems. He has not had contact with him in 2 years but does pay child support. I have been taking care of my little brother since I can remember. I am 21 years old engaged and I have a stable house for him to be in. How do I go about getting custody of him. I cant let him live there anymore its not safe and he needs to be a normal child for once in his life. I fear that he will soon start fallowing in my mothers foot steps. And i know she will give him what ever pills. drugs/ alcohol he wants. I CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.
thank you everyone .. I do understand what it is like taking him on. I have been a parent to him since he was little. He is not going to want to come with me but he is also very unstable right now do the conditions he is living in. im looking for a lawyer as we speak.

My Mom Is on Drugs Should I Forgive Her?

Question by jerrica: my mom is on drugs should i forgive her?
ever since i was born my mom was on drugs but it wasnt that bad. over the years she started getting worse and worse on drugs and was doing crack and hard drugs like that. she would be gone for days at a time and sometimes even weeks and my dad (who was never on drugs) finally said enough is enough and took my sibling and i and moved to a different town when i was 8. he use to smoke but he quit because it made us sick but my mom would never stop doing drugs. i havent talked or seen my mom since i was 12 years old because i moved to michigan when i was 12. before we left we gave her our number and she never called for anything except when she wanted money she didnt even call my siblings and i for our birthday. after a few month she stopped calling. a year ago she started calling our phone wanting to talk to us (she got our number from my uncle) but none of my siblings and i wanted to talk to her. we are all grown and live in michigan and she lives in california and from what my uncle said she is even worse in drugs and wont go to rehab. i still have a lot of pain because she was not in my life. my question is: should i forgive my mom for what she done?
i am 19 and my mom have 4 kids all by my dad. i know my mom have a problem with drugs and i know drugs are addictive but i also don’t want someone who is on drugs in my life. and she never said sorry she just says she have a problem and everytime she calls my dad is the only one that would talk to her because knowone else wants to talk to her and then she ask him to send her some money which really makes me mad because she haven’t been there in our life and she don’t pay child support.

My 19 Year Old Son Is a Heroine Addict While I’m Still Paying Child Support NJ?

Question by Kimoko: My 19 year old son is a heroine addict while I’m still paying child support NJ?
My 19 year old son is a heroine addict while I’m still paying child support . I don’t have custody of my child, but i pay child support for him to begin community college. Obviously, he can’t continue school under his conditions. So does anyone know if there is a way for me to legally stop paying child support in order to have money to help my child get into a good rehab center. The amount of child support i’m paying prohibits me from fully supporting my son. Is there anyway i can bring his heroine addiction to court for a reason to stop paying child support.I live in NJ.
Please refrain from complaining about the child support cutoff being at age eighteen in your state. It is simply not the same case in NJ.
I was never married to the mother of my son, so there were no divorce decree’s to look upon.
My son needs help which he can find at a rehabilitation center, and he’s wasting time ” going to college.” ( he’s only attended twice.)

How Do People Feel About Exfelons Having Restoration of Rights in Florida?

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