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What’s a Website for Teen Guys to Talk to Someone Anonymously About Their Problems?

Question by Ezra: What’s a website for teen guys to talk to someone anonymously about their problems?
My nephews 17, going through a rough patch. He feels like he cant talk to his parents. I think he may be depressed. I know he’s secretly dealing with an oxy addiction at the moment too. Is there any websites I can tell him to go to where he can talk about what hes going through with someone, anonymously? I appreciate it guys, I’m worried about him and I’m not always available to talk with him.

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Does Your Teen Go to a Youth Group at a Church?

Question by Tyedyegurlie: Does your teen go to a youth group at a church?
Does your teen go to youth group at a church?
What form of schooling do they use?
How did they start going?
Are they battling something like drug addiction?
What do they do in youth group?
What denomination is the church or other place of worship?
Do they enjoy youth group?

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Answer by withlove,jb?
My family does not attend church on a weekly basis.

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What Are Good Mental Heath Rehabs on the West Coast?

Question by Jesskah: What are good mental heath rehabs on the west coast?
Preferably in Washington or Oregon.

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Answer by D.D
I think you are confused a little……there are no mental health rehabs just for mental health, rehabilitation places are usually related to drugs and addictions. Therapy and mental health clinics, and psyc wards in hospitals are for mental health treatments. You may benefit from a retreat of some kind that deals with mental health issues. The easiest thing to do is google mental health retreats, rehabs, and all that and then call and ask people for information specific to that area.Here are two sites for you.
hazelden.org therapistunlimited.com

How Much Does Suboxone Treatment Cost?

Question by Bean: How much does suboxone treatment cost?
My dad is going to start getting Suboxone for his addiction. He has medicare and is on disability. Will they cover suboxone, and if not how much do they cost in cash? Any rough ideas?

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Would Prop 19 for Legalizing Marijuana Have a Better Chance of Passing in Oregon or Washington State?

Question by Alkohollokaust: Would prop 19 for legalizing marijuana have a better chance of passing in Oregon or Washington state?
those states are far more liberal than California? Oregon is so liberal that they legalized assisted suicide where every other state Christians shove their religious crap down everyones throat. Washington has Seattle and has the Hemp Hest where they let pot smoking hippies smoke that crap even though its still illegal there but tolerated to some degree.

Would Marijuana more likely be legalized in those states than California? Or not?

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Mayor-Elect’s Daughter Reveals Drug Use


Mayor-elect’s daughter reveals drug use – Chiara de Blasio, daughter of New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, admits to dealing with substance abuse and depression.


Amid heroin epidemic, schools to hold awareness night

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GRAFTON — Four area school districts, including Columbia, Midview, Keystone and North Ridgeville, are partnering with the Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services to hold a drug addiction awareness night at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 22 at Midview Middle …
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