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Teen Drug Abuse – Prescription Drugs and K-2


Teen Drug Abuse – Prescription Drugs and K-2 – Dr. Joseph Lee, Hazelden’s medical director and adolescent psychiatrist, speaks with KARE 11 News about the new trends of teen drug abuse. One study claims 1…


Reporting Prescription Drug Abuse?

Question by neurosonicjunkie: Reporting prescription drug abuse?
I am searching tirelessly for a number to call or someone to see regarding my bf’s moms prescription drug abuse. It is to the point where she is physically deterierating. Does anyone know what I can do here? Nobody in the family knows the extent of her abuse therefore they dont support an intervention. Is there a number where I can report her? Or her hospital?? Please help

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Answer by Westward Wind
National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center…

(800) 784-6776

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Prescription Drug Abuse PSA by @RyanRstar


Prescription Drug Abuse PSA by @RyanRstar – Prescription Drug Abuse PSA by @RyanRstar Prescription Drug Abuse / PSA Video. From the public domain. Most people take medicines only for the reasons their …


Tempted by Prescription Drugs?

Question by korkykrayon: tempted by prescription drugs?
I’ve really been scaring myself lately. I find myself increasingly anxious and depressed, mostly at night when there is nothing to do, and it’s at this time, when I’m lying in bed or surfing the web that my mind drifts to drugs. I keep thinking about taking the prescription drugs that I know are in my house just out of curiosity. I’ve never even smoked weed so I have no history of being drug-curious, but for some reason, the allure is there. During the day, I think about what was going through my head the night before and almost laugh at the stupidity of it, but then that night, it happens all over again. Anyone heard of exhibiting the psychological signs of addiction without having taken the drug? Anyway. My main question is: what the hell is wrong with me? Why am I thinking about these drugs, and how can I stop? And I should mention that I can’t really throw the drugs out because they belong to my parents; they’d probably notice and assume I was doing them anyway. (Irony, anybody?)
“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my life.”
Big fan of that show. And thanks for the response.

Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: Which Programs Work?


Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse: Which Programs Work? – Some opioid abuse prevention programs work, while others don’t. A large new Duke-led study sheds light on which investments pay off. Lead author Max Crowley …


Anyone Have Examples of Stereotypical Addictions?

Question by Lowan Raekan: Anyone have examples of stereotypical addictions?
I’m looking to write a bit about addictions in society, television, and other forms of media. But first i need a plenty of examples of stereotypical things people are addicted to. Like, alcohol, ‘drugs’, sex, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by Amelie Frances
Addictions that are commonly portrayed in the media are addictions to drugs like crack, meth, heroine, or prescription drugs (xanax, adderall, sleeping meds etc.). Other addictions like to alcohol (usually hard liquor), or sex are also shown relatively often. I’m not sure how specific of things you need, you listed already the most common stereotypical addictions. People can also be addicted to huffing substances, or have issues with kleptomania, but that is technically not an addiction.